Sunday, January 4, 2009

Clean Gene By Shel Silverstein Pg. 152-153

Clean Gene is really clean--
He is a bath fanatic.
He has six washstands in his room
And twelve tubs in his attic.
He’ll wash before he goes school,
He’ll rinse when he gets there.
At recess you can find him
Rubbin’ shampoo in his hair.
He buys each new deodorant
To keep him smelling sweet,
He hires a manicurist
For each toenail on his feet.
He only will play baseball
With a Q-tip in each hand,
In case his ears get gritty
From the winds and blowin’ sand.
He wears a plastic bubble
So no germs can touch his shirt.
He will not eat potatoes
‘Cause potatoes grow in dirt.
He carries toothpaste, and he’ll brush
And floss with zest and zeal
Before--and after--and (I’m sorry)
During every meal.
He has a shower above his bed
To spray a soapy stream
(Just in case he ever should
Get dirty in his dream).
He’s hired a man named Henry Grunge,
And when he goes to play,
Grunge runs beside him with a sponge
To wipe his sweat away.
He’s built a special music tub
That he can sit right in
‘Longside his music teacher
While he plays the violin.
So when you go to visit Gene
Just make sure your jeans are clean,
Just make sure your nails are scrubbed,
Make sure you bring along your tub,
And leave your shoes out in the hall--
If you visit Gene at all.

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