Friday, January 2, 2009

Kanga Ruby By Shel Silverstein Pg. 97

Hop, nibble, nibble and hop.
What else can you do
But chew that wattle tree bottom to top
When you’re a kangaroo?

You live down in the dusty bush
Far from the traffic’s zoom
With twenty other kangaroos
In one little kangaroom ….

And when you feel like dancin’,
You simply shake a hoof
And hop on the top of your little hut
On your leafy kangaroof ….

But other times you do wake up
In a mean and nasty mood
And yell at everyone around--
That’s really kangarude.

No kangaroo hops high as you,
No kangaroo looks cooler,
So they’ve elected you their queen--
Now you’re a kangaruler.

And they baked you a queenly cake
Last Wednesday afternoon.
Of course, you went and hopped in it,
And now it’s kangaruined!

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