Sunday, January 4, 2009

In The Land Of... By Shel Silverstein Pg. 170

In the land of Listentoemholler
Steaks cost a nickel but the tax is a dollar.
How’d you like to live in Listentoemholler?

In the land of Wailinanweepin’
You work for free and get paid for sleepin’.
How’d you like to live in Wailinanweepin’?

In the land of Ragsanpatches
The men have babies and the ladies have mustaches.
How’d you like to live in Ragsanpatches?

In the land of Muglywugly
You got to be a movie star if you’re ugly
And your nose is knobby and your eyes are bugly
And your neck is snugly and your arms are hugly.
Let’s all go live in Muglywugly

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