Friday, January 2, 2009

Allison Beals & Her 25 Eels By Shel Silverstein Pg. 98

Allison Beals had twenty-five eels--
She used four for skateboard wheels,
She used one as a hula hoop,
She used one to stir her soup,
Two of them with silly faces
She would use for sneaker laces,
One was a band to tie her hair,
Two were earrings danglin’ there,
One was a ring upon her hand,
One made a perfect wristwatch band,
One of them held her cup of tea,
One held the bandage on her knee,
One was a belt for her cut-off jeans,
One held you her magazines,
One was a necklace that never would choke,
One was a bra strap in case hers broke,
One was a wobbly baton to twirl,
One held a banner that she could unfurl,
One was a bracelet that wouldn’t unwind,
One made a lovely Valentine,
The ‘lectric one was a lamp that could shine,
And one got a new job on page fifty-nine.

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